Saturday, June 22, 2013

Enough of the MESS!

My office before and after. This is quite an old pic, I have since then re-arranged , taken some items out and added some items in. As you can see it gets pretty messy....

So here's my office space. It is messy. It usually looks like this or some form of it. 

Here's my closet in my office space...

Here's it is during the cleaning...

So here's my issue. I am a naturally messy person. I do not pick up after myself and crap just piles up.  I clean my room frequently till its spotless. (Not my closet) And it will be trashed within a day or so. It takes so much time out of my day to clean this and every room in my house! I cant, and wont allow my self to do this anymore.
Here it is clean...

I didn't know what to do with the flowers and zebra head. So I just let the chill there for now. :)

I still have to paint those lil drawers...And excuse the floor. It has yet to be refinished, but it's on the to do list. We haven't been in this house a year yet so, some slack please. :)

Darn to-do board. I forgot to take it down
I wish I took a before pic of this! Now its super cute. Take my word.
I found those shelves in that scary closet. Stacked them up, and voila! Instant nail polish racks. 
My lil books are grouped by genre!
Fold down door to my officie stuff
Not very pretty but at least its clean!
That's a cat poking around being nosey.
I am working part time now and I hope to accomplish some major cleaning issues in the mean time

Here's my bedroom messy to clean. Again.. old pic. Only lil changes here and there.

More to come... stay tuned!

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